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Ice Prince promises never to disrespect his boss, MI (photos)



Ice Prince promises never to disrespect his boss, MI (photos)

This moment of no movement has revealed a lot of things in the entertainment industry.

Taking it from the way Nigerian celebrities make a smart move to create an online presence for themselves.

Ice Prince promises never to disrespect his boss, MI (photos)

Many of this Nigerian celebrities are indeed smart to think of using the social media for online visibility.

Not too long, many of record label bosses have been accused of how they use their artistes lately.

Starting with the way Cynthia Morgan voice out on her predicament and how she has been neglected.

And how she battled with sickness and family issues.

Jude Okoye who is the boss of North Entertainment is also accused of managing an artiste roughly.

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Not to talk of the way issues has been popping up on this man and his way of handling artiste.

This time around, it is with Ice Prince who says no matter the issues, he won’t speak anything.

Everyone knows that Ice Prince is a very good rapper and how he is the best in what he does.

Not matter how bad the situation is, I will not speak evil of my boss. He says.

And he also throw respect to his bosses and masters in the industry that gave him a good name.

All these label and artists fights.

Letter to @audumaikori @paulokeugo.

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I promise not to ever ever disrespect you boss !!!! Promise @mi_abaga.

Check out the pictures of him below with the respectful caption to his bosses

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