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Marlians president , Naira Marley celebrates Marlian’s Day with this raunchy Photo



Marlians president , Naira Marley celebrates Marlian's Day with this raunchy Photo

Marlians president celebrates Marlians Day with a nice photo with a fellow Marlians.

One of the pop singer in Nigeria, Naira Marley chose a date to celebrate his fans.

Marlians president celebrates Marlians Day (photo)

The date which happens to be today, 30th of May is a time when Naira Marley fans celebrates worldwide.

This does not come as a shock as many of Nigerians love to call themselves Marlians.

In other to advance their course, they also call themselves as no belt gang.

Another fashion they love to take is calling themselves group of no manners.

To debunk this, the world president if Marilans violated the rules some weeks back.

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This celebrity and Nigeria music star was spotted greeting and respecting the mother of Burna Boy.

Many of his fans reacted as this goes against their rules and mode of operation.

Nevertheless Naira Marley is was arraigned last year when he was accused of internet fraud.

In his intent, he said he was not guilty. In the like of that, he was remanded in Ikoyi prison.

He was released on bail and allowed to walk out from the prison.

As today suppose to be a full blown celebration of Marlians day.

However it will be turned to an online convert where they will still have a taste of enjoyment.

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This could not have happened if not because of the global pandemic that caused it.

Partying and enjoying does not stop as they will enjoy themselves virtually.

Check out the photo of Naira Marley celebrating with a fan on Marlians day.

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