Nina Ivy celebrates 24th birthday with super cute pictures (photos)

Nina Ivy celebrates 24th birthday with super cute pictures (photos)

One of the best days on earth is ones birthday. And it is celebrated without apologies.

And this is the same with the on screen character and actress.

Nina Ivy celebrates birthday with super cute pictures (photos)


She celebrates her birthday in a gorgeous way and she is having fun already.

Just as she is called by Nina Ivy, although her real name which goes by Nina Chinonso Onyenobi.

Moving on with what the little and beautiful girl does for a living, she is a fashion star and entrepreneur.

And also, she was once a part of the popular reality show housemate, the Big Brother Naija.

This fashion star who just turn 24 mark her special day today.

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On this special occasion, she spoils herself with good treat she took to a photo studio.

She uploaded on her official Instagram page to give mouth watering images.

And she is indeed very beautiful with a good pair of shoes to match.

The dress in which the celebrity wore could have cost a very big fortune.

But what is a fortune when you are celebrating your day on a special occasion?

This does not could as she smiles to the camera for seeing another year.

In the photo of Nina, she was seen in a gown that speaks elegance and beauty.

Check out how the celebrity and star shower live to herself n this special day.

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