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Video: A Woman Uses Bible As Face Mask



Video: A Woman Uses Bible As Face Mask

In a viral video sighted online by, a woman is seen using the New Testament Bible as nose mask.

As part of the measures taken by the government to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the country, President Akufo-Addo directed all citizens to wear nose mask while going to public places.

Wearing of nose masks has now become mandatory in some parts of the country. The woman went viral when she was spotted using the New Testament Bible as nose mask while entering a shop.

A few days ago, the Food and Drugs Authority listed approved face masks citizens should use and how to use homemade nose masks to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The FDA requirements say: It is recommended that fabric used for face mask should be free from all chemicals. In any event that printed fabric is used, the layer of the fabric in direct contact with the face should be a plain fabric that is free from chemicals.

The FDA added that: Reusable homemade face masks should be properly washed before reuse. Used homemade face masks must first be disinfected; then washed with soap or detergent until clean, rinsed under running water; dried in the open sun, and ironed before reuse.

Watch Video below;

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