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3 Relationship Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Immediately



3 Relationship Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Immediately

Most People who are ready to get into a relationship sometimes have a whole different perspective about what it entails and how well they need to prepare for it .

3 Relationship Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Immediately

Sometimes soo many questions keep bubbling in the stomach as to when how good you are and how great you would be for your partner not forgetting where the relationship would lead to if not marriage .

Am I not good enough? Is something wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong? Am I attractive enough? What am I not doing right?

This are questions that are often been asked by people who would like to get into relationships so if you find yourself asking this questions then here are some answers to solve your problems .

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1. Belief in soulmates

There is this belief that there is only one soulmate for everyone and so you must not mess up or sit down for somebody to take what is yours or you get into a realtionship before they come around.

A soulmate is one you decided to love and build a future with knowing hsi or her flaws and trying o make them better people . There are soo many people who can be your soulmate so if you one of those pwople who are still stuck to just waiting for a particular soulmate just let it go.

2. Butterflies

This mostly works with ladies as there is a saying that when you meet the right one you would get butterflies in your tummy and there and then you would know he or she is the one but today i want you to squash that mindset as there could be a great future between you and another person without you feeling the “butterflies in your tummy”.

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Yes, people do get giddy off the attraction they feel towards another person, but more often than not, that happens after a while, rather than from the get-go. That butterflies don’t flip in your stomach at the sight of a man does not mean you can have nothing to do with him. It’s childish to think butterflies in the belly is conclusive evidence of a man’s suitability for you.

3. Perfect body

This is one of the most worrisome myt bothering a lot of beautiful and handsome guys who are ready to get into a beautiful relationship as most people think a great body is the key to a healthy and great relationship but NO.

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Tho having a great body attracts people to you its not the only thing that is needed as most beautiful ladies are not married and are single just because they’re beautiful outside but not inside .

Your perfect body is great, but for someone who is really interested in you, it won’t count for much whether you have it or not. So quit the undue fuss.

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