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Cocaine Kills – A Stowaway Drug Addict Narrates



Cocaine Kills  – A Stowaway Drug Addict Narrates

A clandestine traveller to Spain and drug addict speaking on SVTV Africa narrates the risk involved in illegal drugs.

The father of two, using his personal life story shared with DJ Nyaami on SVTV’s Ghetto Live Segment as an example, said;

‘’Drug addiction is real and I would want to advice any Ghanaian to stay away from drugs.
As a clandestine traveller, going to abroad for greener pastures has always been my dream so eventually, I smuggled my way into a sailing ship which was going to Spain.

I was lucky to have not been discovered by the Captain and his fellow.

After I successfully arrived in Spain, I met fellow blacks from Ghana and Nigeria, and together, we lived life.

Because they had lived there for a while, they always directed me on what do, in order to survive; and as a foreigner with no legal documentation, I always listened to them because, if for nothing at all, they were my people.

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Later, I discovered that some amongst those I call my people were drug peddlers. Eventually, they showed me how to take cocaine, and continued to feed me until I became addicted.

Now, they stopped the free supply but, because I was so into it, I had to hustle my own way to get money so I could buy them myself.

I remember, I washed utensils in a restaurant just to raise money to buy drugs.

I stayed in Spain more than a year, until one day, I was discovered that I had no legal permit as a foreigner, and this was as a result of an operation conducted by the Spanish police in the search of one black boy whom I believed to have done something contrary to the laws of the state.

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In Spain, particularly, where I lodged, I mean where we smoked and sniffed cocaine, we had Spanish citizens amongst us who injects the cocaine into their veins instead, and later smoke cigarette on top.

When I was finally deported to Ghana, myself and some colleagues involved in the same crime, were charged to have travelled illegally, thanks to my mother and our lawyer for saving us.

Because of drugs I had no vision of acquiring legal papers in Spain, and this landed me in Ghana’’.

When you finally came to Ghana did u still continue to take them? He was asked.

‘’ when I came down, I stopped the cocaine and any other drug for quite some time. However, on a normal day I smoked weed, until later another friend reintroduced me to cocaine among others’’.

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So what’s the difference between Ghanaian and Spanish cocaine? He was asked.

‘’Cocaine kills, the sellers are only interested in the money, and are killing people’’.

According to him, sellers of these drugs in both countries don’t even take those drugs, yet they sell them to people; revealing that, in Ghana, teenagers, as young as 17 are already into drugs.

Sadly, he said, he is still with the mother of his two children, but due to his current situation, he finds it difficult to near her.

To him, drug is evil hence, youth of today must totally abstain from it, adding that, he is ready and willing, if anyone volunteers to take him to a rehab center for rehabilitation.

Watch the video below:

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